Who are we?

ServiceMaster specializes in disaster recovery services including fire, storm and water, and mold and mildew.  ServiceMaster also provides carpet cleaning, duct cleaning and other difficult to clean jobs.  ServiceMaster is dedicated to the idea of delivering the kind of service that makes customers proud to recommend the company to their friends and family.


Our History

ServiceMaster first opened in 1928 as a company that provided moth proofing.  A lot has changed since then, but a few things have stayed the same.  One thing that never changes is customer expectations.  ServiceMaster customers expect nothing less than phenomenal service, and ServiceMaster delivers with more than 7,000 locations staffed by more than 13,000 employees.  ServiceMaster also has 10,000 independent contractors, more than 45,000 technicians and a network of highly qualified independent franchisees around the world.  ServiceMaster professionals visit more than 80,000 homes and businesses every single day, a testament to the trust the company has earned.


About Us

We primarily serve the Covington, Conyers and surrounding areas. Our Mobil National Disaster Unit can come in with relief services to help prepare other locations for restoration. We use the methods, technologies and patented, state of the art cleaning products of our parent company, ServiceMaster Clean.  These tools have found favor with homeowners and business owners alike.


ServiceMaster is a professional cleaning company specializing in disaster restoration. ServiceMaster has tools and experienced professionals who are highly trained in proprietary cleaning methods. We utilize equipment and products that are designed for cleaning carpets, floors, upholstery, and to reduce the catastrophic damage that can be caused by water, fire, mold and other disasters. We use up to date technology to provide solutions to commercial and residential customers.


We are privileged and thrilled to be affiliated with one of the largest Disaster Restoration and emergency cleanup professionals in the nation, ServiceMaster Clean.  Whether it’s water or fire damage, or cleaning up smoke and soot, ServiceMaster experts are experienced, qualified, equipped, and prepared to bring your home back to its former glory after any emergency.  We have people ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We also have a live answering service to answer any questions you may have, any time, day or night.


Our primary operation consists of the following services:

● Disaster recovery

● Elimination of mold and mildew

● Pest and termite control

● Deep cleaning of carpets and rugs

● Cleanup from fire and soot damage

● Biohazard

● Preventive Maintenance

● Cleanup from water damage or sewer backup

● Upholstery cleaning

● Cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors

● Janitorial services

● Cleanup of crime and trauma scenes and    biohazard removal


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Fire Damage

Do not reenter a building damaged by fire.  It is possible for hidden remains to continue to smolder and fire to rekindle.  In most cases...


Mold and mold spores are naturally present in the outdoor environment. However, indoor mold growth can be a problem. Mold spreads...

Duct Cleaning

HVAC systems can harbor a number of contaminants, including mold, fungi, bacteria and dust, all of which can have adverse effects on your health...

Water Damage

Water damage claims can increase substantially if measures are not taken to contain the damage. You will want to make sure that you shut off the water...

Carpet & Floors

If you want the deepest level of clean in your home or office, nothing does it quite like freshly cleaned carpet , impeccable upholstery and polished floors...

House Cleaning

ServiceMaster Clean is the nation's leader in residential deep cleaning. ServiceMaster uses top of the line cleaning methods...

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